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Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota law firm for estate planning, probate, and oil and gas dealings

Fort Collins Estate Planning Attorney

Wills, Trusts, Probate and Mineral Right Law


Law Firm Services

We offer comprehensive estate plan services, including  estate planning for digital assets. We’re happy to facilitate the drafting of last wills, trusts, and other documents to enable the transfer and management of property after death. 

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Our firm helps with probate and trust administration, guiding clients through the legal steps involved in handling the distribution of complex estates and trusts. We offer support for personal representatives, trustees and beneficiaries throughout all phases of the administration process.

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We provide direction and support to individuals and families involved in the ownership, leasing and development of mineral rights. Whether you’re addressing the complexities of an oil and gas lease negotiation, resolving a mineral ownership dispute or trying to maximize the value of your mineral assets, we can help.

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Work with a Trusted Lawyer

Licensed to practice law in Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota

We strive to assure client satisfaction by providing the highest level of legal representation and service to individuals and businesses. Our goal is to obtain results in a timely and cost-effective manner. We value the trust our clients place in us and strive for them to better understand their situation by expressing complex situations in understandable terms

Core Values


Transparency is extremely important for us. Customers will be continually updated on workflow, outstanding challenges, and cost of service.


We answer phone calls and emails quickly. In the situation where we are unable to help, we’ll take the time and effort to locate someone who can help.


We pride ourselves on enhancing your experiences through creating fast and effective solutions.


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Estate Planning

Created and managed estate plans for clients with assets exceeding $10,000,000

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Oil & Gas Mineral Projects
Exceeding $200,000,000

Advised and participated in oil and gas due diligence projects exceeding $200+ million

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Probate and Trust

Our probate litigation attorney Represented personal representatives, creditors, and beneficiaries in all phases of trust and probate administration



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Book a 15-minute consultation for an overview of your situation. It can be completed via phone call or online meeting.


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During our initial consultation, we will discuss the case and determine if we are suited to help.


Make It Official
After determining the scope of the work, we will send a work proposal for your review and signature. In the event we’re unable to help, we will direct you to additional sources of help.

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