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Places like Colorado are some of the United States of America’s biggest oil producers. Both these states are among the top five oil producers of the country producing hundreds of millions of oil barrels each year. With that said, there is money to be made in these parts. However, accessing and managing these resources aren’t simple.

If you’re a property owner, dealing with these resources may require negotiations and even litigation between the government and drilling or mining companies. That’s where the Josh Krieg can help.

We have some of the best lawyers in Colorado and in North Dakota. We are passionate in protecting the rights of property owners and royalty owners.

With a broad range of expertise with mineral estates, you can rest assured that our lawyers will handle your mineral, royalty, and lease transactions with your best interests at heart.

What Are Mineral Rights?

Mineral or Subsurface rights are proprietary rights that grants owners the claim to minerals beneath the ground of a particular land area. “Minerals” in this case refers to mineable rock, fossil fuels, and metals. They can also include natural gasses too. These rights also give the owner legal authority to extract and use these minerals.

How Do Mineral Rights Work?

Aside from mining minerals on your own, you can also sell your mineral estate to organizations or companies interested in exploiting and exploring them. If you decide to sell, you can be paid in the form of a lease, shut-in payments, or royalties. However, there are certain provisions needed in these sales agreements.

At Josh Krieg, our best lawyers (North Dakota and Colorado) will ensure you get the best out of the settlement. This includes getting the mineral rights (oil and gas), oil and gas mineral lease condition, and royalties. It also includes details like closing type, costs, taxes, and time.

With all of these, we will listen to your needs and wants and we will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best out of the agreement.

As a trusted oil and gas lawyer firm, we know how the process can be overwhelming for oil and gas mineral owners. That’s why we ensure that every part of our process and decision making is as transparent as possible. With us, you can rest assured that the agreement is made with your best interests in mind.

Transferring Ownership of Mineral Rights

Aside from selling your mineral estates, there are other ways you can transfer propriety rights including through a will or a trust. Before this, however, it’s important you know what kind of mineral estates you own. For this, it’s best to consult an experienced lawyer or trusted oil, gas, and mineral law firms like Josh Krieg. We not only provide comprehensive legal services for oil, gas, and other subsurface rights but we also ensure that all our clients are duly educated of the rights they hold.

How To Transfer Inherited Mineral Rights (North Dakota or Colorado)

The most common way to transfer oil, gas, and mineral estates is through will or real estate plans. At the time of the mineral owner’s death, right of possession transfers to their beneficiaries. If no specific beneficiaries are named, proprietorship passes to whoever the property or real estate heir is.

If you’re a mineral estate owner, any lawyer will recommend you update your will or start the process if you don’t have one yet. You could also create a family holding company and assign your mineral estates to this company instead of individuals. In some cases, this will make the transition easier as it is a limited liability company or partnership.

To make this process easier, it’s important you work with a trusted oil and gas lawyer law firm or mineral estate planning law firm like ours. With our family law resources, we will help you iron out everything to ensure a smooth and proper transition. This includes taking care of taxes on sale of inherited subsurface estates, royalty disputes if there’s any, and any other issues that might arise at that time.

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Surface Rights vs Mineral Rights

Owning what is on the land and what is underneath the land can be two different things.

On the land rights is proprietorship of what is on the surface of the property. This can include buildings, vegetation, and the space. In many cases, this is separate from subsurface rights. You can be in a situation where you own the mineral or subsurface rights but not the legal rights for the land or vice versa. This case is called a severed estate.

If you’re a landowner of property owner in ND or CO, it’s important you know the difference between these two things. It’s also essential you understand what each entails and how they correlate to get a better scope and better use of your property. For that, our oil and gas attorneys in North Dakota and Colorado can help.

Surface Right Ownership

Proprietorship can be complicated, especially when it comes to balancing your interests as a right owner and the interests of any oil and gas company. More often than not, a land use pact is used in these situations.

A land use pact is a legally binding contract between you and the oil and gas company mining your land. Its main purpose is to outline the govern of use. This determines items such as restrictions, compensation for the landowner, environmental protections, and other related items.

By offering a clear and transparent framework for the use and improvement of the land, it helps minimize conflicts between the parties involved. At Josh Krieg, a top notch petroleum sector law firm and experienced probate law firm (Denver, CO, and surrounding regions), we have the top oil and subsurface rights lawyer (Denver, Fort Collins, and nearby locales) perfect for this job. We can offer our assistance in these situations:

  • Agreement negotiations
  • Identifying and curing title defects
  • Deed preparation and review
  • Probate proceedings involving the distribution of property
  • Generational plan for large surface area owners

Our litigation oil gas lawyer has extensive experience in these parts. Additionally, we work with our trusted connections to help design a strategy based on your goals and situation. So whether you’re diving into a new venture or renegotiating a contract, having our committed experts can change the game for you.

Surface Rights vs Mineral Rights

While possessing mineral estates can be a huge asset to families for generations, it takes special knowledge and skill to fully utilize them. It can also be challenging with various location-specific regulatory frameworks. This is where an excellent lawyer (Colorado, North Dakota, and surrounding locales) is indispensable.

Some of the best legal services we offer in the field include:

  • Understanding Proprietorship: Knowing if you own the minerals, if you don’t, or what possession entails can be difficult to determine on your own. Work with our attorney for oil and gas leases to get to know the full scope of your proprietary rights.
  • Contract negotiations: Our top-notch subsurface rights oil, gas royalties attorney will negotiate to get you the best deals for cases such as mineral estate for sale, oil, gas royalties for sale, and more. We will also help you maximize value with every bargain you want to make.
  • Deed preparation: Our law firm estate planning for subsurface rights services will ensure that from the drafting of the documents to the transfer, it’ll be a smooth transition.
  • Dispute resolution: When it comes to oil and minerals, disputes can become intense. Our lawyers are fully equipped to handle such situations whether it’s a dispute over royalty payments, lease terms, or other issues.
  • Curing mineral title defects: Josh Krieg lawyers are eagle-eyed when it comes to titles and records. They will be able to identify discrepancies in the record and take measure to rectify them immediately.
  • Generational plans: We can help ensure that your mineral estates are transferred and managed across multiple generations in the most efficient way possible. We also ensure its preservation and optimized benefits.

Mineral Rights Lawyers You Can Trust

If you’re a subsurface estate owner, you need a resolute and experienced partner to help keep your rights protected. Josh Krieg can be that partner for you.
Our lawyers know the local market, they have a pulse on the latest industry developments, and they’re expert negotiators who can get the best settlement for you. We also understand the challenges and complexities of being a property owner or subsurface rights owner. And we treat your concerns as our own.

Partner with us today and have a partner in oil, gas, energy law, and success.

Call us and let us help propel your gas and mining ventures to unparalleled heights!

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